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I’m Mary, a 18 year old book enthusiast and current senior in high school.  I have an intense passion for words, intellectualism, and the impact of knowledge on the world.  While this blog originated in my love of YA and MG books, as I grow older my reading tastes continue to shift–be prepared for more literary fiction and classics in the future.

My love of academia has me currently planning to study English and Creative Writing in college, with the hope of eventually becoming a college professor.  In the mean time, I plan to stretch my reading comfort zones, be critical of the entertainment I consume (novels, television, and movies alike), and continue my pursuit of, well, good books.  My reviews tend to be a haphazard mix between an inappropriate usage of all caps and intensely professional language so I apologize in advance.

As you might guess, not all of my time is spent updating this blog or stuffing my nose in my most current novel.  You can frequently find me grabbing sushi with friends, flipping between Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr, sharing memes with my boyfriend (lol), playing the piano, journaling/writing, stalking current events updates, walking my dogs, oh and school. Yeah school is a thing too.

Share an interest?  Want to chat?  The easiest ways to contact me are below.

Happy reading xoxo


Email: mary@booksinherhead.com



Blog History: 

I started this blog in September of 2011, on the whim that I wanted to review books that I loved and share them with the world. I’ve always loved recommending books to my friends, so why not the world?

In the summer of 2014 I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  I now have a redesigned logo (drawn by yours truly) and a now use a wonderful theme called Nectar.

When I made my switch to WordPress I also decided to stop using my pseudonym Remy or Remy Blu and go by my real name Mary.

I formally contributed to the YA book review blog  Lit Up Review until it was closed in mid 2016.

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