End of Year Book Survey | 2016

End of Year Book Survey | 2016

Thanks to Jamie for hosting another great year of the End of Year Book Survey (!!!!!) FYI Here’s my 2013, 2014, & 2015 surveys if you want to check those out too.  Now…let the survey COMMENCE.   Total Number of Books Read // 46 Total Number of Re-Reads // SEVEN (Shadow & Bone, Once Upon a […]

Monthly Recap: October 2014

So, um, October.  Yeah Autumn is finally here, and school is a pain in the butt. But books have been good. 😀 Books/Movies/T.V./Music I read 8 books this month.  One less than last month.  I’m so behind on my Goodreads challenge lol Favorite book this month: I’ve been spending more time at the local bookstore […]

Monthly Recap: September 2014

  Well, reflecting on September all I can think about is school, school, and more school.  My brains are spilling out. Books/Movies/T.V./Music -I read 9 books in September.  Gahhhh that is so bad.  I miss reading! -I’ve been spending some time at this new local bookstore that I’m going to be helping out in -Favorite […]