Review Policy

Review Policy:

I generally review YA books with the occasional literary fiction (adult) or middle grade review.  The books I choose to read are a combination of my interests/recommendations and ARCs that have come into my possession.  All finished copies/ARCs received from publishers are reviewed with the same integrity–the sourcing of my copy does not affect how truthful my review will be.

My “traditional” reviews follow the same format of
1) Information about the book
2) My Thoughts
3) Final Thoughts (Summary)
4) Links to Other Opinions
5) Star Rating (starting in 2017)

I am currently only accepting YA review copies.  If you are interested in me potentially reading/reviewing your novel please contact me at

Reviews are copied onto,, and (coming soon)

Star Rating System:

1 Star: I consider this book to be some combination of boring/poorly written.  I likely didn’t connect with the material or the style in which the author wrote the novel at all. I would likely discourage readers from picking up this novel.
2 Stars:  This book was entirely mediocre.  While it wasn’t entirely horrible I disliked the majority of its aspects as it likely only has a few redeeming qualities.  Again I would likely discourage readers from picking up this novel.
3 Stars:  This book is a mixed bag.  There are likely aspects that I truly appreciated and enjoyed but also aspects of the novel that I didn’t appreciate.  Possible combinations could be well written + boring plot, wonderful world building + poor character development.  This book likely had aspects of it that were well developed but some that were not.
4 Stars: This book is one that I would most certainly RECOMMEND.  Only small flaws prevent this novel from being 5 starred/favorite.
5 Stars: The crème del la crème of the books I’ve reviewed.  These books are often favorites (but not always).  5 starred books are virtually flawless and are ones that I go out of my way to recommend for their standout writing.

4 comments on “Review Policy

  1. Hi Mary ,
    iv’e been doing some research since i would like to create a book review website just like you! I’m just starting out and wondering how you created your website? please contact me.

    – Allison

    • Hi Allison!

      I would recommend starting out on a free site maker like Blogger or and connecting to other book reviewers on Twitter and Goodreads! Goodluck

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