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let's have dinner

‘Let’s Have Dinner’ is an original feature here on the blog.  It was inspired by Jamie’s ‘If We Were Having Coffee’.  On Jamie’s post, she catches her readers up on what is currently going on in her life, reading and non reading wise.  My posts are more collaboration with other bloggers.  Click here to read last month’s dinner post.

Who are YOU? What your’s name, and where do you blog?
Hey! My name is Kaitlin and I blog over at Next Page Please! I have reviews, discussions, and random bookish fun on my blog!

How ARE you? What’s going on with you right now?
I am great Mary! Thank you for asking. :) School started almost 2 weeks ago and I am not ready to wake up so early and sleep so early. Was super sleep deprived last week because I got really cruddy sleep haha. My productivity has been going down so I am trying super hard to be productive and not get so distracted lately… On a more positive note, summer and the heat is almost ending (thank you). Cannot wait for the rain to kick in to a) Hopefully help this California drought b) Give me an excuse for onesies and fuzzy socks and c) motivate me for days of hot tea and reading. (I like winter, can you tell?)

Since we’re having dinner, we should probably put our order in. What are you having for dinner?
*looks at menu* OoooOOoooh! They have sushi! Definitely will be getting some sashimi and rolls…Do I see poutine as well? I think I may have a plate of that. I’ll take a some butterbeer and some beignets for dessert! (I have a big appetite…)

Do you ever eat and read? I know I’m guilty of this! ;D What about blog and read?
Haha, no both ways. I like to have no distractions when reading so if I eat, I’ll either only eat or either only read. Plus, I want to reduce the chances of getting the book dirty. I don’t blog and read at the same time because, oh my goodness how does one do that. The book would keep closing and I would definitely either keep reading and not blog or vise versa.

Who’s your favorite character? (I know, it’s hard, but try). And what is one thing that you have in common with them?
Okay, this is definitely a hard question. I think I may have to choose Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series. I feel like I haven’t mentioned her in anything in awhile. She is just such a smart character and I love watching her character grow over time. And something we both have in common is probably we both wanted to date Percy Jackson at one time…I never got a date though, it’s all good though because they adopted me.

What’s the most relatable book you’ve ever read?
Oh this is tough. I haven’t read any books where main characters are HUGE book nerds (except for Throne of Glass but I can’t relate to being an assassin…) so I think I may just have to go with Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy. I just finished it and god, the struggle of loving your own body will always be a struggle for our society. If you ever get a chance to read it, definitely check it out.

Wait stop… what music is playing while we have dinner?
HALSEY. IT’S HALSEY. Her new album just came out and it’s sosososo good. Her voice is so unique and her lyrics are just fabulous. Her music may not be for everyone, but it definitely fits for my taste.

What’s a book you’re dying to get your hands on? Either unreleased or just something that you’ve been meaning to read FOREVER
Haha, this is such an easy question because there are tons of books I have been wanting to read for awhile now. One of them has to be has to be anything by Jennifer L Armentrout. I have the Lux series on my shelf now and am planning to get to it within the rest of the year so hopefully I can read the series and finish it.

What’s one thing that surprised you about blogging?
Go ahead and facepalm at me for saying this but THERE ARE SUCH THING AS ARCS!? Before blogging, I have never heard of them so when I finally found out what they were I gasped at the idea of being able to read a book before it actually came out. So yeah, haha. Now I am drowning in ARCs.

I know you’ve been dying to say it… what’s one book you can’t believe I haven’t read?

GURL, YOU HAVEN’T READ THE DUFF YET?! It’s a great read; hilarious, such a deep meaning to it, and a super enjoyable read. It took me a day to finish it and if you have seen the movie, it has a total different concept.
As dinner continues, what’s your drink of choice?
Either water, some hot tea, a virgin pina colada, a virgin margarita, or maybe a Dole Whip Float? I know that isn’t a drink but the pineapple juice is very much a liquid.

Do you prefer blue or black ink?
Neither? I honestly have no preference between these two colors of ink. I am okay with any ink as long as it’s not pink or yellow…

What’s a backlist title you still want or need to read?
Hmmmm the Vampire Academy. I heard about these books when I was still very much a BookTuber junkie (I still kind of am…) but it seems like a great series and I am super excited to read it!

Go! List your unfinished series’:
Oh boy! um um um um
-The Throne of Glass Series
-The Mortal Instruments
-The Infernal Devices Trilogy
-The Proxy Duology
-The Rebel Belle Trilogy

Speaking of series, are you more of a standalone or a series reader?
Hmmmm, both? I love reading sequels but I love the quick and easy fast reads with no commitment required. Series are really great to read at some points but I do love myself a great standalone at points.

What’s one bookish trope (ex. ‘chosen one’) that you can never get sick of?

Uhhh, situations where the main character meets someone and goes through this whole finding-yourself kind of thing! I don’t know if that is an actual trope but I love the finding yourself books.

Favorite book quote?
Sadly, I am not that much of a quote person so I don’t keep track of book quotes as much as I would like haha. Something I very much need to work on.

Have you read Harry Potter? (Obligatory question). And if not, why not?
Yes! I read Harry Potter back in 5th grade and loved them. My cousins all really persuaded me to read it and I probably wouldn’t be here if I didn’t read it…

If you lived in the Hogwarts realm, would you support SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare)? Why or why not?
Oh wow! I didn’t know this even existed. (If it did, I’m sorry I probably forgot about it…) Another reason why I love Hermione. Kreacher and Dobby were the two house elves I remember meeting and I loved both of them. Hermione starting SPEW is like the US legalizing gay rights. It’s right, it’s beautiful, and I support it.

Is there a book to movie adaption where you preferred the movie to the book?
The book will always be better because it just has more events going on but I still love some of the book to adaptation movies. I love all the Harry Potter movies and books but my least favorite is The Order of The Phoenix. Gah that book just really bored me out so of course, that movie is preferred over the book.

What’s your favorite movie?
I haven’t seen a lot of the “classic” movies but there have been a few movies I remember loving and watching over and over again. One of those will definitely have to be Little Rascals. I saw it first when I was about 6 and have rewatched it so many times since. It is such a hilarious movie and I love it.

What book do you recommend the most?
Um, if anyone has not read the Legend trilogy then WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It is one of my favorite dystopians. The plot is just great and what I love most about this trilogy is *whispers* I don’t have a preference in which book is my favorite. I really love all of them all and hopefully will never get tired of them.

Have you ever had a book spoiled for you?
Uh, yah. The Fault in Our Starts was spoiled very much for me. Some of Harry Potter as well because the movies we’re out by the time I read it. No worries though I still really enjoyed the series. I try really hard to avoid spoilers and that all ends well for me because I really don’t get spoiled that often. (Yay!)

Can utopian books even exist, since there needs to be some sort of conflict for a plot?
Uh sure definitely! One thing I would love to see is like a fun, airy contemporary taking place in a Utopia. Dystopians are so heavy on REBEL! FIGHTS! DEATH! I would love see a shy high school girl meet people and have a huge finding yourself book in a Utopian society. Definitely something I would pick up.

Do we share any favorite books?
OoooOOoh! Yes! We do! Magonia, to name one of them. Loved that one because of it’s weirdness and how beautiful the writing was. The plot is awesome and I cannot wait for the next book. Plus, the world is just great and great and I love reading about it.

Of the classics that you’ve read, which one do think has lesson(s) that are the most applicable today?
Unfortunately, I really have not read that many classics. If you count the Ramona series and Harry Potter. I have just grown up with those series and they have really just taught me that it’s okay to be weird and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. That has been really important to be because I wouldn’t be the dork I am, here, spending my time writing about books.

I know that we just had dinner, but if this chat would have been during your meal of choice, when would it have been?
Girl, I would love to talk to you and chat over any meal! Lunch, dinner, breakfast, 3 am breakfast, 5 pm lunch, anytime. 😉

BONUS! Pick a question to be included in the next dinner.
Ooooh yay! My own question! Okay, here is one: If you were to elope with any fictional character, who would it be?

Thank you so much Kaitlin for having dinner with me!  I had so much fun, and I hope you did too.


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